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When I had alot of pimple every time I was told by people not to pop my pimple because it will make you pimple go bad, and that’s true. However, as I have alot of pimple I get to know which pimple is ready to be popped and often time my pimple heal faster.If you decided to pop your pimple please do so carefully and only pop the ready pimple.Follow the guide lines below for safety pimple popping:

When will the pimple ready to be popped:

There are two kind of pimple that possible to pop without having bad effect on your skin:

Early stage pimple: A new pimple which appear within 1 or 2 days The oil sack is blocked by black head which cause your pimple to pop up.You will feel the “on the skin” and to the point only pain. This is the easiest type of pimple to pop.
Last stage pimple: This pimple will not develop further. Pimple will reach this last stage after 7 to 10 days. Only little pain in this stage and your pimple is soft without inflammation. Without popping this type of pimple might get reinfected and turns back to the earlier state with inflammation.

What do we need

There is no special tool needed for pimple popping. All you need is keep your hand, your face and your popping area clean to prevent bacteria infection.
Tissue paper
Your favourite cleaner
Alcohol for disinfection

Popping your pimple
Clean your face and hand
Sterilize your sewing needle
Prick the pimple surface with your neddle – Not applied for early stage pimple
Use your two index fingers to squeeze the pimple in a down and into motion until the white subtance pop out.
Use tissue and alcohol to clean your pimple.
Popping painful and inflammable pimple is dangerous which I do not recommend.Popping red inflammable pimple will only make matter worse. Do not ever attempt to pop them.

What to expect

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