How to Pop a Pimple – Get Rid of Pimples Fast

You have probably heard a friend or at least someone you know talk about how they managed to get their pimple to disappear by simply popping it with their bare hands. And after several days, you find yourself with a zit. Keen to try that new method you just heard of, you prick your pimple with a needle. And to your horror, you get no miracle at all! All you have is a horrible break in the skin, more redness and even more pain!

Now, you can stop cursing that friend of yours. Because, popping a pimple is not as easy as sticking a needle in your skin. It requires more than that. So read on to get the proper steps on how to effectively pop that pimple and get the miracle that your friend was talking about.

First, to reduce scarring to a minimum, soften the skin before wounding it. You can easily do this by applying hot moisture on your face. Boil water and let the hot moisture flow through to your face. This will help loosen your skin and open the pores. Just make sure to stand at a safe distance from the hot water because steam can burn your skin.

Second, use a soft tissue or a cotton bud and gently squeeze the pus out from the pimple. Do this as gently as you can until the pus oozes out from the skin. Continue to apply firm pressure until a solid while particle is released from the pimple. After which, you can now stop applying the pressure. Do your best not to let the pus get in contact with the surrounding skin. This could possibly spread the infection and cause another pimple eruption.

Lastly, disinfect the area by applying alcohol through a cotton ball. This may sting a bit but will reduce the chances of infection and will reduce the redness in the area. Keep the open wound clean at all times. Open wounds are prone to infection so keep your hands off the wound much as you can. Once you see signs of healing, you can now start to apply rose water or lime juice to reduce the scarring.

Just remember that cleanliness is essential when popping pimples. Otherwise the infection will spread with disastrous results.

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