How to Properly Treat Cystic Acne

Nobody ever wants to see a pimple on their face. You wake up and are almost embarrassed to go into work or school that day. People run into the bathroom and pop it. Cystic Acne is something that may be mistaken for a whitehead, but is something that you have to take care to treat.

Acne Vulgaris has two forms, mild and severe. While this is the least serious of all acnes, it is still something that you need to take caution when dealing with. The more serious of the two levels is defined by the types of acne that has nodules or cysts.

The biggest difference between the mild and severe is that the mild version is merely lesions on the skin that usually will not result in scarring and can also be treated with over the counter medications. Cystic Acne is buried under the skin and is much more painful and can result in scarring.

Nodules and cysts are easily confused, with the only real difference being that the cyst is filled with puss. Both are located under the skin and both are very painful to the touch. They are typically 5mm in length or diameter. Whatever you do, don’t pop it. It must be treated properly.

The one major reason that you don’t want to pop the cyst is because it can lead to very deep scarring. If that happens, you are going to spend some serious money if you want the scars to go away. The second reason and one that ties into the first, is that it can also lead to a very nasty infection. While you can pop a whitehead if you do it carefully, the same cannot be said for a cyst.

If you look on your skin and you see a cyst, you should make an appointment with your doctor. They can take a look at it and let you know how serious it is and will also have treatments or medications that will lessen the swelling and possibly prevent the cyst from getting to the point that you will suffer scarring later.

When you see that you have cystic acne, do not think that you can take care of it yourself or try and pop it to alleviate the pain. This is the worst thing that you can do. Take the time to see your doctor and have it treated properly. The face that you save will be your own…

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