The Reason Behind The Ugly Acne Scares And Solutions For A Pimple Free Skin

Find factors causing harm to your skin, the solution for getting rid of them or medical assistance for permanent cure

A simple scar on the face can totally humiliate a youthful, lively teenager to the point he / she may feel shy to be in public. The sufferer may lack confidence in meeting other people and the distress might spoil those precious years that should have been the best time of their lives. Fight against these ugly blemishes can only be won when one would know the reason behind these scars and then learning the ways accordingly to check growth of the pimples.

You may have been tired of hearing that pimples are the result of having oily and spicy or fast food. But, thankfully, there is no scientific link behind this myth. The article will deal with every aspect of this problem but first, lets find out why this pimple thing occur on the face and sometimes, in most severe cases on other body parts like neck, legs and arms.  In teenagers or the individuals especially ladies in their late thirties or forties, the hormone level shoot up very often resulting in the increased secretion of the sebum. Sebum is a kind of secretion secreted by the glands found on the skin. The increased level of sebum when come in contact with the bacteria, it gets reacted by it. An ugly bump starts to appear on skin. As the condition starts healing, a protein called collagen is produced inside the covering. The surplus of protein, results in a protrusion and with its low level tiny craters appear on the skin. These leave behind dirty, ugly marks of the acnes.

But sebum is not the only reason for the pimples. Frequent use of oral contraceptives, intake of medicines, applying the creams which are a mismatch with the particular type of the skin and some genetic reasons are the prime factors that result in the pimple or acne infection. Your lifestyle can also lead to the acne formation. Top of them are tensions, intake of unhealthy food or living in a locality with excessive pollution. And as discussed above, there is no connection between fast food and the acne.

This part of article, after throwing light on the reason behind acne; is going to disseminate some solutions and remedies that lead towards pimple free, glowing skin. There are some lotions and herbal products available in the market, you can go for. In the early stage though, these are the best remedies to overcome the problem. But if the trouble continues to aggravate or recur, it is advisable to seek medical help. You must take advice form a well known skin specialist and they would recommend you some medical remedies after assessing your skin type and the severity of the problem.

So, no need to be at home all time. Go out and face the world with confidence.

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