Clear Skin MAX – Acne Treatment Mask

The market is full of all kinds of facial mask that claim to treat all kinds of acne and other skin diseases. Although there are very few products that give 100% acne treatment. Generally facial masks suck up the natural moisture of the skin this makes the skin rough and dry, this decreases the elasticity of the skin resulting in premature wrinkles. These skin care products contain harsh chemicals which are not good for skin as they reduce the natural softness and glow of the skin.

Clear Skin MAX is a unique skin care product that is specially formulated to treat all kinds of acne. It is basically a combination of 6 acne treatment products.  These six products are: Acne Vanisher Mask, Tea Tree Cleansing Oil, Emergency Acne Treatment, Skin Soften Lotion, Pore Conditioning Lotion, Tava Tea Anti Acne Tea. All these products focus on curing different skin problems like acne, scars, black heads, blemishes, spots, pus, redness, breakouts etc. Among these six products there is a facial mask that is known as Acne Vanisher Mask.

Acne Vanisher Mask

This is a facial mask that is clinically formulated to suck all the dirt particles and bacteria present in the pores of the skin. The dirt particles and bacteria present in the weather enter the pores and then clog them up, this results in acne formation. Therefore, it is very important to clean these open pores.

After cleaning the face thoroughly just apply the Acne Vanisher Mask, this mask contains 100% herbal ingredients so it does not suck up the natural oil or moisture of the skin. It contains Allantoin which is used in almost all skin care products because it has healing properties that treat all kinds of skin diseases. This mask also helps in recovering damaged skin tissues. It is recommended to apply this mask once or twice a week.

Regular application of this product makes the black heads and white heads soft, this makes it easy to remove them. Therefore, the chances of future acne are also reduced. It also works on removing scars and spots. Acne often leaves scars, that makes the skin tone uneven, Acne Vanisher Mask helps in removing all kinds of permanent or temporary scars.

Clear Skin MAX Review

There is no other product that offers Acne Vanisher Mask. It is a very essential part in daily skin care. Clear Skin MAX also offers a money back guarantee of 6 months, 5% discount on all orders, free shipping and the Tava Tea offered in the kit is completely free. The best thing is that it does not cause any kind of Side Effects. Read the Clear Skin MAX Review for more details about the rest of the five products. Also find out more about the Discount Code.


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