How to Avoid Acne Breakouts

During adolescence, a lot of us experience acne breakouts at one time or another. Well, what is acne in the first place? It is a dermatological problem that may consist of pimples and cysts that normally can be seen on the face. It usually clears up in many people in time especially during the late teen years and early adulthood. However, not everyone enjoys the same fate. Some have serious acne problems even during adulthood. And this is really a bad problem for those who suffer from it because it affects their self-image plus the fact that having acne and accidentally scratching it hurts!

Acne is caused by multiple factors and when combined will surely cause major outbreaks of pimples which we do not want. During puberty, our body undergoes hormone production change. The body produces more androgen and in turn would affect the oil glands beneath the skin. The oil glands produce more oil which reacts with bacteria. And as we would expect, the bad end result is having blackheads, pimples and cysts. This is not only limited to the face. If you are like some people, you may also have pimples on your neck, body and back.

Since no one in their right mind would love having pimples, we got to find a way to stop those nasty pimple breakouts. Let us look at some of those methods which have been employed by people around the world.

Avoid popping pimples. Yes, a lot of people would advise you to not pop your pimples and for good reason too. If you do not know how to pop your pimple correctly, then better not pop it. If you do so, it would cause you more harm than good. However, if you know how to do so properly and at the correct timing, then by all means do so. You can find a lot of websites in the internet which will teach you the proper techniques.

Have a proper diet. Yes, diet plays a major role in preventing pimples breakouts. If you take in multivitamins, it would ensure that your skin gets all the nutrients it needs to make your skin healthy and thus prevent overproducing of oil. You also have to avoid food that you have proven to be the cause of pimple breakouts. No one person is similar to another. So the cause of pimple breakout in one will not be the same with another person. So, do some experiments to determine what foods cause you pimples and then avoid those foods.

Wash your face regularly. This is the most obvious of techniques in preventing pimple breakouts. By washing your face, you keep it clean and help unclog pores and clear up oil blockages. However, beware of over-washing your face because this is also not good. It will dry out your skin and signal your oil glands to produce more oil. To alleviate this problem, use mild face soap that is not too strong but is enough to keep your face smooth and clean. Or if you really need some serious “firepower”, you can employ the use of face washes that are specifically designed to help combat pimples and acne.

Some also try using some prescription methods by the doctor or dermatologists. This can either be external (creams) or internal (pills) and choosing one wisely would depend on the professional advice given to you.

Whatever path you take, just keep in mind that acne is cause by multiple factors such as hormones, environment and diet. You can’t control hormonal changes but you can control your environment (to a certain extent) and your diet.

Is popping pimples bad? What are the effects of popping pimples? These are the type of questions Paul Roxas hopes to address to help acne and pimple sufferers around the world.

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