Quick Homemade Acne Remedies and Other Treatments

With what is said and done to render acne a treatable problem, there are many other factors to be considered before reaching a conclusion. Quick homemade acne remedies sometimes work faster than over the counter medications like creams and lotions and sometimes the latter give amazing results. It all depends upon individual skin condition. Some people have hard and thick skin and some have thin and delicate skin. The former will work better on the latter whereas thick hard skin yields to the harsh and strong medications.

The other factors include whether the acne problem is permanently cured with either of the two alternatives or these only have a temporary effect. In 75% of the cases, the quick homemade acne remedies manage the problem by minimizing the outbreak of acne and saves the sufferer from spreading the pimples further, but never cure the problem permanently. On the other hand, the creams and lotions just palliate the problem and are only effective for the time being when you need to search for stronger substitutes. You can’t go on with a new search for still stronger medications forever. These also tend to create imbalances in your body’s metabolism as against the former, which have no side effects whatsoever except the temporary sensations on the skin like burning or heat when your regimen includes constituents like lemon or honey.

What transpires from the above analysis is: you should use these in combination with each other but the prescription medications or over the counter treatments should be used less frequently so that they maintain their efficacy over a longer period of time. However, this is not the final solution to the problem as there are more effective ways, which can be tried and tested with either of the two methods. These include proper diet free of fat and exercise to sweat out the body.

RAM T JOSHI – has a Master’s Degree in English and is a freelancer. His areas of interest are health and family welfare. He is a homeopath and a naturopath.

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