You Lost Your Acne Too Happy

Most people would agree that dealing with acne is a pain. Dealing with zits and pimples is something that most people find embarrassing. Dealing with breakouts is something that most of us hope that we will grow out of in time. Taking care of your skin is the only real way to keep your pores unclogged and to keep acne at bay. Whether or not you want to believe it, the fact is that there are adults well into their thirties, forties and even later who experience acne so severe it rivals that of teenage acne. Here are some tips to help you keep most zits and breakouts from happening. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your face clean and clear!

Finding the right cleanser is your first line of defense against acne. Obviously you want to stay away from a product with an oil base but other criteria are important as well when you are choosing your cleanser. Salicylic acid is something else that is important. This is one of the most important ingredients in harsher cleansers that are meant for people whose breakouts are prolonged and severe. For people who don’t need a strong cleanser the salicylic acid content is only strong enough to do some basic cleaning and bacteria killing. As you age, however, you should cut way back on cleansers with salicylic acid…in fact, they should only be used for a spot check once in a while. Maybe you need a dermatologist’s advice. Unfortunately not everyone can use an over the counter product to cure their acne problems. If nothing in the store is doing the trick, then you might need a qualified professional to help you treat your acne and breakouts. Some people simply need something stronger than an over the counter cleanser and a dermatologist can provide that. You might be one of those people whose acne is caused by other medical conditions and a dermatologist will be able to properly diagnose this. Did you know that acne can be caused by genetics or other medical conditions? A doctor can help you diagnose your skin problems and help you to clear up the acne you are fighting.

Natural acne remedies are another option if you suffer from breakouts. Have you ever tried using toothpaste on a zit before? Start by putting some toothpaste directly on to the zit after it has finished forming. Lock the pets out of the bedroom overnight so that they won’t try to taste the toothpaste or lick it off of your face and in the morning your zit will be a lot smaller than it was-it might even be gone! Some people insist that egg whites can also heal acne. The best way to treat acne with egg whites is to use a q-tip to dab some of your mixture directly onto your pimples, though you could also use the egg whites to make a mask. Believe it or not the basic forms of acne prevention are also the best: cleanse your face regularly and don’t pick at anything that pops up. There will be times when you want something a little stronger to combat a breakout. You should be happy to know that while acne does not discriminate against age, neither do acne fighting agents-you should be able to find something to cure your breakout no matter what your number is.

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