Pimple Remedies – Natural Ways to Treat Your Pimples

Pimple remedies

Pimples are caused by the blockage of pores due to dirt and excess oil. Dead skin cells is also one of the causes of pimples. When we do not exfoliate them from our skin, they form blockages that are visible from the outside in the form of blackhead or whitehead. There are lots of ways we can use to help us cure our pimples but we only need to find a few of them which are effective for us.

Instead of using over the counter products that never seem to cure pimples as they do not treat the root of the problem, it is better to use home herbal remedies. You may not believe it, but natural methods are more effective and safer pimple remedies. The first step you should take in curing your pimples is to introduce more vegetables and fruits into your diet. These food provide the necessary nutrients and minerals to help us keep our immune system strong. A strong immune system can help to fight against bacteria that cause pimples.

Try to adopt a raw food/vegetarian diet. Doing this will help to detox the body. We are eating more processed food nowadays and this cause toxins to accumulate in our body. A diet that consist of majority of raw food will help the body to clean itself. Application of creams only removes the symptoms but does not go to the root of the problem which is the toxins accumulated by our bad eating habits.

Clean your face twice daily and do not clean it too often. If you wash your face too many times in a day, you are washing away the protective layer on the skin. Avoid popping your pimple and squeezing pus from it. It is very tempting to do so but doing so can cause your condition to worsen and may cause scarring.

Next, find out other natural pimple remedies to help you cure your acne.

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