How to Get Rid of Acne Overnight – Simple and Easy

Are you having trouble with the acne on your skin and finally want a way to get rid of it once and for all? Well you see I was once an acne sufferer myself but I soon came to realise that you are not being told the whole truth about getting clear skin. There are so many myths that constantly circle around and that is why I am here to finally set fact from fiction.

Here are the biggest acne myths exposed:

1. Greasy foods will cause more acne on your face. This is a myth because science has not yet proved a link between them but what makes things more interesting is that some of the healthy foods that we consume each and every day are actually harming the amount of acne on your face. Dairy products actually contain hormones in them that can trigger the production of sebum in your skin which is the very substance that creates acne.

Another food to be aware of is actually one of the super foods that is banana. Bananas contain a specific amino acid that has been proven to onset future acne break outs and should be limited if you are suffering from acne.

2. Washing your face more then twice a day will lead to clearer skin and a bacteria free face. This is a gigantic myth and anyone who actually believes this is actually causing more break outs on their face. You see when you over wash your face you are causing it to try out because of the air and water changes. In return to this your body begins to produce extra surface oils to try and rehydrate the skin how ever this is when it gets nasty. These oils become trapped in the skins pores and more acne is produced so limit your self to two washes daily for the best effect.

Sick of your acne and finally want to get clear skin using proven methods? Stop following the wrong advice as it is just making your acne worse I now have acne free skin because I followed this amazing story – Get clear skin

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