Try These Homemade Acne Treatments to Attain Blemish Free Skin

People who suffer from acne often adopt homemade acne treatments since they are cheap and safe. The various acne treatment products that are available in the market contain chemicals that possibly have harmful effects on the skin. The chemical products can also be unreliable as they do not always perform according to their claims. Homemade acne treatments may offer the best solution to all your acne problems. Here are some of these remedies that you may wish to follow.

As you know, lemon is very effective in cleaning the skin and reducing the oil content that contributes to the formation of acne. You can make a concoction of lemon juice and rose water and put it on your skin. Let it remain for a while and then clean your face with cold water. Lemon juice can also be blended with ground nut oil, cinnamon powder or even hot milk to remove acne.

You can also choose to put lemon juice directly on the acne to help reduce its formation. Lemon juice contains antibacterial properties and hence can combat infection of all sorts. However if you have very sensitive skin, then it is advisable that you do not use lemon juice as it can cause slight irritation.

Another prevention method is to crush fenugreek and then add water to it to form a mixture. Put this on your face every night before sleeping. Clean your face in the morning. Continue this method for a month and you will be able to lessen the chances of acne outbreak. Sandalwood paste is also very useful as a homemade acne treatment. It works to shrink the acne and drains the adjoining areas of the excess oil.

Another very important vegetable that is often used in homemade acne treatments is cucumber. Cucumbers cool and refresh your skin. Prepare a cucumber mash and keep it on your skin for some time. Clean your face with cold water. Cucumber makes the skin smooth, combats acne and also provides various vitamins to the skin. Also drink plenty of water to avoid acne.

These homemade acne treatment methods are not at all difficult to follow and they are exceedingly beneficial.

All of the above methods are definitely effective homemade acne treatments. However, the problem is they are only “treatments”. The single best treatment for any kind of acne, is to stop it before it starts.

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