Get in Great Shape in 14 Days

I wanted to write and describe how I get my clients in great shape in a very short period of time – namely 14 days. Now, I generally warn people of the dangers of trying to change their bodies (and their lives) in such a short space of time. The perils include extreme muscle soreness, overtraining (and injury) and disappointment if expectations are unrealistic. However, needs must when the devil drives. If you want to resort to these extreme measures here is the programme to ensure you do it safely and effectively.

Your aim in the fourteen days is to do 9 workouts, leaving 5 rest or recovery days (these can include massage or gentle stretching sessions like Yoga or Pilates). For the first week I recommend two days on and one day off with the sessions getting more frequent in the second week. There are three programmes, each of three workouts and they are all intense.
In the first programme my clients would do 30 minutes of intense cardio on a mixture of machines.

They also do a number of body weight exercises such as squats, step ups and press ups. I like them to hit 500 reps in the workout. They progress to free weight exercises and interval training in the second phase before finishing with three sessions of multi joint weight training circuits and a mock triathlon in the final phase.

Throughout this period I encourage them to stretch, get massage and sleep well as the muscle soreness can be extreme. Now you may think that this huge workout volume alone would deliver amazing results, and often times it does. However, the real trick comes in the nutritional manipulation and fat burning supplements.

While an in a depth discussion of the nutritional protocol is beyond the scope of this article and in truth every individuals recommendation is different. The basics involve cutting out the obvious bad stuff – alcohol, sweets, bread, etc. Most of my clients need to eat more fat and protein to help improve their metabolism and I encourage a low glycemic load carbohydrate intake to moderate insulin levels, which automatically brings body fat down.

While each person has a unique supplement plan I generally recommend fish oil and carnitine to help reduce body fat and HCL and digestive supplements to improve digestion.

Many of my clients are stressed out city workers so I work on improving their sleep patterns and boosting their adrenal health. I often tell my clients the nutrition and supplementation part is more than 60% of the solution.

This is a very hardcore extreme protocol which delivers amazing results if stuck to properly.

The best results I’ve seen is a 1½ stone reduction, however, 0.5 – 1 stone is more common. Often times people gain muscle mass, which disguises fat loss on the scales.

That’s why I always take body circumference measures and skinfold measures and this is where the results are usually more remarkable and people report that their clothes are falling off them. If you feel you are ready for this and would like me to oversee it then go to to find my nearest Bootcamp location and to sign up for a complimentary trial.

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