Homemade Acne Treatments – Do They Work?

If you are gung-ho at doing the skin acne treatment with all natural means, then searching your cupboards should start now. What should you look for? Do you look for certain fruits, vegetables, spices or any other cooking ingredients? Yes. Not everything works of course but some common ingredients in your kitchen can be used as homemade acne treatments.

Off the Counter Cleansing Agents
Looking for cleaning agents instead of buying creams? Why don’t you get some grounded nutmeg and mix it with milk to use as a cleansing blend. You can also use honey and apples combined, grated and made like a paste which can be put on the face for not more than 20 minutes and then later washed off with warm water. Lime juice and rose water if you have them can also be used to wash your face.

Have some oatmeal in top drawer of your kitchen cabinet? You can have an oatmeal mask and use it as scrub. Oatmeal effectively absorbs oil from the skin. Just keep it on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes, let it dry and then wash off. You can also try an egg white mask mixed with bits of lemon and hazel and apply for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. If you don’t have any of these, you probably have baking soda. Just mix it with water so you can use this as exfoliant.

Natural Antibiotics
Tea tree oil reduces redness and itchiness so if you have them, apply it on the affected area and see how it works like benzol peroxide. Drinking extracts of ginger, onion and other herbs can also be an effective remedy to acne as they have elements similar to that of an antibiotic. You can also use Turmeric, an anti bacterial herb.

Removing Lesions and Scars
Using tomato slices, garlic or mint juice are said to be effective in healing pimple scars. You can do this daily as often as you want or early in the morning and before sleeping. Cucumber is also effective in improving the texture of the affected skin.

Other Products
Have you heard of the effectiveness of toothpaste? They say it can reduce the swelling. You can also try applying alcohol on the blemishes to get rid of dust and dirt from your skin before going to bed. If you are bothered by the inflammation and swelling you can use ice on the affected area.

Of course dieting is also important although there are no scientific studies to prove its connection with acne. Nonetheless, drinking lots of water, eating colorful fruits and fiber rich foods will still help in stabilizing your health condition that will aid with your battle with acne. You should also avoid oily and junk foods, soft drinks and other processed foods.

There are cost-efficient yet effective ways to treat skin acne. Do an extensive research on how to mix home ingredients and create your own concoction. Search your kitchen for these ingredients and be your own little chemist at home.

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