Why So Many Pimple Cure ‘Solutions’ Are So Darn Wrong

What to do about ‘the pimple problem’? It’s a curse that afflicts millions of teenages and others and they are also afflicted by something else – conflicting information about how to cure their pimples.

The cure for pimples can be something quite simple and very frequently there is a”natural” cure that may be staring you in the face – something so simple you simply never knew it would or could work.

Ask yourself some questions first. Do you have oily or dry skin? Oily skin is a great ‘contributor’ to the ‘pimple problem’ and so you need to ensure that you’re using the right skin creams or makeup for your skin condition. Know what your skin is like and what it reacts with. Remember that your skin is doing a lot of ‘work’ during the average day and will have a lot of rain, salt, wind, sun and various contaminant thrown at it so you need to recognize that when you prepare the treatments that are going to be best for it.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and you can drink natural fruit juices like lemon juice or carrot juice to help your skin and remove impurities. These can have a hugely beneficial effect upon pimple growth and origination.

Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure that you’re also eating the right food too. A lot of pimple problems can be directly attributed to poor diet so you need to avoid all that fried food, fast food, food that does not have enough vitamins to get your daily dose.

You should also try and steam your face over hot water (place a towel over your head as you stand over a steaming kettle) and open the pores so that you can avoid the infection that leads to pimples in the first place. This will cleanse the skin.

There are a lot of over-the-counter creams and pills to “cure acne” or pimples, but you should try and stick with natural cures and undertake a good, healthy eating regime to avoid the problem in the first place. Remember that your pimples are caused by bacteria clogging the skin pores and you need to remove the bacteria, which can be done using a variety of entirely natural, low cost vegetables and herbs and something as simple and readily available as ice.

There are other natural pastes, made from papaya and cinnamon, olive oil and aloe vera, all of which can be very effective in removing infection and pimples. Also, herbs like fenugreek seed can be used to remove old skin and clean your skin and remove the risk of pimples (or pimples themselves).

Lemon juice or cucumber can be very good as an anti-pimple lotion in not only cleaning the skin but helping to remove pimples, so mix that with water and dab it on the infected skin areas.

Probably the most important and the most effective way to remove pimples is in fact a combination of ‘steaming’ the face (to open the pores) and then to apply one of the natural pastes or products mentioned above, and to then clean with warm, lemon (or lemon and rose water) to remove the bacteria and give your skin the cleansing treatment it deserves.

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