What Causes Pimples and How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Do you dread looking in the mirror each day? Are there times when you avoid going out in public? Do your breakouts get worse each day — never really healing? Is your face painful to touch because of swelling caused by pimples? Pimples are one of the most common forms of acne. It is usually the most disturbing when they appear on the face. At some point in our lives, most people want to know how to get rid of pimples fast.
If you are searching for natural cures for pimples or even over the counter medicines (otc), you aren’t alone. Invariably, at one time or another, acne hits virtually everyone. Having acne truly has an impact on young and old alike. How we appear to others is often a major concern in our daily lives. So, whatever your age, learn how to get rid of pimples fast.
Adult and teen acne may be caused by many circumstances. Hormones and diet are often thought to be the main culprits. Stress, as well as a lack of proper diet and vitamins, may play a part in whether we have pimples or acne, too. The cleansing of the skin is a huge factor as we must try to keep our pores clean. Of course, the real reason may be a mix of all of these factors and more.
Here’s what we do know. Pimples are inflamed skin lesions. They are caused by clogged pores. Our pores are connected to oil glands. If these oil glands get blocked by dirt, the oily substance, called sebum, clogs our pores. Pimples develop when clogged pores, usually blackheads or whiteheads, become infected. Sometimes our pores become clogged because of a build up of dead skin cells. Avoid using oily pore clogging products. Over production of the sebaceous gland and bacteria accumulation can cause pimples and acne also.
Popping a pimple is not a wise choice although almost everyone does it. We get some kind of satisfaction from taking control of the erupting pustule. This can spread the bacteria and can make a pimple last even longer. Popping pimples can lead to scarring which is harder to treat than the acne itself. Over-washing skin that is infected with acne can cause more pimples because it may stimulate the oil glands causing the production of sebum.
Acne and pimples can take time to heal, so learn what you can do to alleviate this painful and unsightly disorder now. It is not that hard to do. Finding out what works for you makes you one step closer to having a clear, beautiful complexion.

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