Summer Acne – Avoid Pimple Break-Outs and Keep Skin Clear

The Summer months, with its warmer weather, holiday season and plenty of fun to be had, is not always so fun for our skin. Let’s face it, the extra sweat that is produced, the junk food and alcohol that is usually consumed in higher quantities and the skin pollution of sun protection lotions can often cause the skin to break out, become blotchy, and acquire some not so attractive pimples, particularly around the hairline region.

Just what is the solution? Well, we don’t want to spoil the fun by reducing our intake of chocolate and ice cream. We can’t forgo the sun screen, as that would be worse for our skin in the long run. And becoming a recluse and sitting in the air conditioning all day so that we can avoid sweating is not an option during the most enjoyable months of the year.

So what is left? Is there a solution out there that would mean that we can still enjoy the summer AND have clear, youthful skin?

There is one solution that I have come across, and I want to share it with you!

Have you ever heard of Mandelic Acid? Wikipedia defines Mandelic Acid as, “an aromatic alpha hydroxy acid with the molecular formula C8H8O3. It is a white crystalline solid that is soluble in water and most common organic solvents”.

Mandelic Acid was apparently discovered whilst heating an extract of bitter almonds, and the name is derived from the German word, “Mandel”, for “almond”.

According to Wikipedia, Mandelic Acid has gained popularity as a “topical skin care treatment for adult acne”. Mandelic acid’s unique antibacterial properties, and its larger molecule (C8H8O3), causes it to be by design, gentler and more effective on the skin than glycolic acid (with its smaller, C2 molecule and lack of anti-bacterial quality).

Mandelic Acid is considered an appropriate treatment for not only acne, but also wrinkles, and pre- and post-laser treatment, “reducing the amount and length of irritation caused by laser resurfacing”; according to Wikipedia.

Mandelic Acid is slowly becoming known as a revolutionary solution to problem skin, as well as anti-aging. However, there are still only a few products on the market that are based on Mandelic Acid.

One product type that I need to make a mention of here, particularly whilst we’re on the topic of Summertime, is Mandelic Sun Protection Lotion.  Most sun screens on the market are not suitable for the face, and as such, they usually pollute the skin with chemicals and oils that cause irritation to the skin, and acne to break out on the skin.

FDA guidelines (US Food and Drug Administration) recommend that during the use of any Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) exfoliation skin care products, such as Mandelic Acid, the use of adequate sun screen protection is a MUST.  This is due to your skin becoming ultra-sensitive to the sun’s rays, since the AHA is, in effect, peeling off the top layer of your skin.

There are some mandelic acid sun protection lotions on the market that have anti-aging properties, as well as fewer sun screen chemicals and they are therefore perfect for sensitive skin types, as well as being suitable for all skin types.

Look for a product that contains PARSOL® 1789, which shields against burning UVB rays and UV rays of longer wavelengths (UVA1) believed to cause deeper dermal damage and wrinkling.  A product with Vitamins A, C, E and D3 are also ideal, as they add to further protect the skin from free-radical aging.

Oil-based sunscreens can cause break-outs of acne, and pollution of the pores.  Therefore, look for a product that is oil-free.

There are some new technologies on the market that you should be aware of, that are recommended for sensitive skin types.

Sun Caps® (encapsulated octyl-methoxycinnamate) technology, allows the product to have reduced sunscreen chemicals by two-thirds, whilst still obtainaining an SPF 30+ rating.  This means fewer chemicals and less chance of irritation for sensitive skin.

Z-Cote HP1® (micro-fine zinc oxide), a substance made with nanotechnology, is the very highest quality zinc compound available so no white residue forms on the skin. The nanotechnology in Z-Cote produces a high-purity nanocrystalline zinc oxide, which allows the sunscreen to go on clear. Besides, the inorganic Z-COTE cannot be absorbed by the skin and will not cause allergic reactions.

Whilst using an AHA, such as Mandelic Acid, you can substitute your usual moisturizer with a recommended sunscreen lotion that contains Z-Cote HP1®, Sun Caps® and/or PARSOL® 1789.  This will ensure that you do not over-moisturize your skin, and you will also protect your skin whilst treating your skin with Mandelic Acid or a similar AHA.

With the Mandelic Acid solution in your bathroom and a Mandelic Sunscreen with one of the recommended technologies on your face, you are guaranteed* to have clear, youthful skin all summer long!

* NuCelle® Mandelic Marine Skin Conditioning Formulations are carefully researched and formulated to give you the best result possible for your type of skin. Therefore, your purchase is “satisfaction guaranteed” for 30 days.

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