How to Remove a Pimple?

Have you ever had one of those types of pimples you were sure you could remove and get rid of without waiting for your medicines to work? First a word of caution as you really ought to wait for it to go away on its own as you will certainly risk spreading the infection or worse just making it look utterly and ridiculously horrid and making it feel really painful. Are you still willing to try and remove your unsightly pimple? Well then jump on the pimple removing express because here we go.

First your going to need a superior set of tweezers, I have always found that a military surplus store which carries tick removers is exactly what you need. You will attempt to clamp the base of your pimple and pop it outwards. Gross yes, but all in the name of getting rid of it. I would highly recommend already having prepped some cotton balls or old rag with antimicrobial or anti bacterial soap or cleanser once you have successfully removed the pimple you will want to gently dab the area with the aforementioned cleanser. After it drys you will want to apply a deep cleanse and exfoliate as what you just removed could find its way into the open wound and start up a whole farm of pimples. It really is better to just let it takes it natural course and use the previously mentioned products, but if you must take a crack at pimple removal be careful.

This is how many scars from acne are received, once you have removed the pimple do not dig around or touch the open wound apply the correct astringent and leave it be. If within 15-20 minutes the area is no longer red and swollen you have done a good job. If it has remained red and swollen then you have probably just planted a field of pimples and as I have already suggested would probably have been better off.

One small word of advice sometimes no matter how good at removing a pimple you are they will have deeper seated cords or cores which you will be unable to pop these will cause the farm affect as you remove them as they come back. I would highly suggest at this point seeing a dermatologist.

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