Getting Started Collecting Tiki Masks

Hawaiian and Polynesia culture is one rich in unique ideals. Tiki masks are actually a representation of the Gods in this culture. The reason that people have them in their home is not decoration, but for the purpose of keeping evil spirits away and also helping the owners own fertility. They are a defining symbol of what makes this culture unique and amazing. The purpose and history behind them is actually quite interesting. These Tiki masks garner the attention of plenty of people, but I thought it was important for me to tell you exactly what they are.

The Tiki masks you’ll find are carved out of wood and into masks that represent the Gods and deities of this culture. The most popular ones are made up of the four main Gods; Ku – the God of War, Lono – the God of Peace, Kane – the God of Sunlight, and Kanaloa – the God of the Ocean. Each God holds a different meaning to those that have them in their home.

What you’ll find is that a lot of these masks catch the eyes of tourists and others that just like the overall look of them. They have a very unique look to them that usually gives a home a much more cultural look and often starts conversations with other people. There are even collectors of this amazing art because it has such a high amount of detail and care put into each one. If you’ve ever been to a Hawaiian restaurant or a Tiki bar, you’ll notice that just about everyone will contain some sort of Tiki mask.

A lot of people will pick up a relatively small one that they can hold in their hand, thinking that these are the only ones. The fact is that they range in size from less than a foot to nearly as tall as an adult. The smaller masks tend to have a lot more detail to them and the larger ones have a more simplistic design. Each has their own meaning to their owner and can contain scriptures of great importance.

Professional craftsmen that do all their carvings in hardwood and polish it off with oil or wax to give a glossy feeling to authentic Tiki masks. Sometimes color will be added to them, to add a little depth, but most are left as they are.

For those of you that are looking at getting your own Tiki masks, it is a fun thing to collect. I recommend having yourself a Tiki party at your house. You can have guests over and have your masks out to really set the mood. It definitely will create a lot of buzz at the party because it’ll be very authentic. Since there is such a wide variety available, you should be able to pick up many different looking ones and some of different sizes. Your friends will definitely view this as one of the most interesting and unique parties that they’ve ever been too.

Whether you’re just getting started collecting tiki items or you’ve already got an entire tiki room in your house, Mike Jansen, the author, thinks it’s worth your time to check-out the Isle of Tiki where you can get tiki items of all shapes and sizes.

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