How To Treat A Fever

Although you may feel hot and temperature can be compared with someone who is healthy, feeling the warmth of each front, the only really accurate way to check if using a thermometer. There are phonics digital thermometers, put the tip of it inside your ear and wait for the beep and read the temperature display. For other digital thermometers, put in your mouth or compression in the arm – again waiting for the signal.

You should consult your doctor if you are experiencing fever and discomfort, especially if you have other specific symptoms – for example, you may have ear pain or a rash or a cough as a cough with phlegm.

* See your doctor immediately if:

– Your temperature is over 39.4 degrees C 103 degrees Fahrenheit
– You are confused or drowsy
– If you have trouble breathing
– If you have a headache, stiff neck, sensitivity to light and / or rash

There are painkillers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can help reduce symptoms of fever with chills, fever and headaches. Take the pain medication as directed on the package as soon as you feel feverish or fever chills.

If the fever lasts more than two days despite attempts to bring down – a visit to the doctor, and has other symptoms.

You can also help themselves to treat the fever for the rest. Do not go to work and take it easy. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water or diluted fruit juice. The caffeine in coffee and tea can dehydrate rather than to avoid this.

The old housewives were right – chicken soup or broth can also help if you’re out of your appetite. No more of yourself coat – light clothing, loose clothing and make sure the room temperature is not too hot (but not too cold).

If you feel shaky or shivering, fever, there is a temptation to bundle up in blankets and quilts. Do not do that as the temperature could rise even more – especially if a fever in children. Instead, use a sheet or light blanket as a cover. If you’re all hot and sweaty, use a damp towel and warm to hot in the face from time to time.

How To Treat A Fever

How To Treat A Fever

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