Homemade Acne Treatments – Everything You Need to Know About Homemade Acne Treatments!

Most teenagers suffer from acne and even people in their late 20s and even 40s still experience acne due to different factors. Acne and pimple breakout start from erupting of oil ducts that results to swelling and redness. Though there are a lot of factors that affect acne, one of the major causes of this skin condition is the increase of make sex hormones during puberty.

Acne development can affect a person’s self-esteem because we have to accept the fact that face with acne is not a very pretty sight. In most cases, people who suffer from severe acne are ridiculed and embarrassed. The condition can affect their social life and personal relationships, as they may feel uncomfortable and self-conscious all the time.

When skin is exposed to too much dirt and pollution, acne can develop and may result to skin breakout. In addition, harsh rubbing and friction due to some factors such as wearing hats and helmets can aggravate the condition of acne.

It is recommended to take good skin of the skin if you want to eliminate acne and prevent future breakouts. Researches show that improper skin care will result to sever acne troubles. In order to prevent further acne breakouts, you need to avoid piercing and pinching your pimples because this can only break the oil ducts and affect the surrounding areas of the skin, resulting to more acne. If you have sensitive skin, you must avoid wearing headbands, heavy makeup or headbands for these things may cause rashes and skin irritation. Furthermore, tension and stress can also contribute to the development of acne.

Remember that acne is not contagious and it will not be transmitted with direct contact to someone who has the condition. Though unhealthy food habits can cause acne, it is also connected to lifestyle.

Homemade acne treatments should be considered instead of using expensive acne pills, creams and treatments to get rid of acne. These homemade acne treatments are known to be safer and more effective due to their natural ingredients.

Here are some homemade acne treatments that can help you get rid of acne spots and prevent them from getting worse:

1. Cucumber juice is said to help clear up your acne. Just leave the concoction for around fifteen minutes and wash your face afterwards. Do this for several days or weeks and you will see that the acne appearance in your skin is reduced.

2. It is necessary to maintain tight pores to prevent bacteria from penetrating the skin so it is recommended to rub ice cubes on the face for fifteen minutes. After several days of continued use, your pores will become tight and eventually minimize the presence of acne.

3. Mixture of honey and cinnamon powder should be applied on the skin before going to bed and leave it overnight. The paste made from cinnamon powder and honey can help your skin become healthier and protect it from bacteria.

4. Mixture of flour and milk makes a good daily facial wash that can help eliminate acne.

These homemade treatments for acne can aid you in getting rid of acne more safely and naturally. The ingredients used in these treatments are all natural and cheap, making it a very good alternative to heavy medications and chemical-based acne treatments.


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