Great Remedies For Acne Scar Removal – Stop Acne Scars Now!

Did you know that the dark spot you see in your face right after a pimple has subsided cannot be actually called a “scar” until it has remained on the skin after a few months or so? Naturally, when the skin is stretched and irritated, it leaves a temporary mark in the area but normally subsides within the next several weeks – just like a typical bruise on the skin. But if you would like to get rid of that acne scar as soon as you can, then not to worry. Here are the best and the most effective ways that you can make those acne scars go away!

1. Tomatoes and cucumber. Tomato and cucumber are not only good for salads but are also great for your skin! You have probably seen cucumber being applied on eye bags before. This is because the cooling effect of cucumber can soothe the pain and swelling and shrink the eye bags. It can do the same for acne. Tomato on the other hand is a great anti-oxidant that prevents further skin damage. To get the best effect you can apply a blend of both fruits on your pimples and leave for 25 minutes.  Just make sure that your face is newly washed before applying the paste to remove the dirt and excess oil on the skin.

2. Sandalwood and black gram. Mixing these two ingredients together with milk or rose water can help reduce skin irritation and reduce the darkening of the affected area.

3. Oils high in essential fatty acid. Oils with high essential fatty acid content such as Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose Mosqueta Oil or Lavender Oil can speed up scar fading on the skin. You can use these oils separately or use them as a combination in equal amounts.

4. Using a cold compress. The process of using a cold compress to reduce scarring on the skin is called “Icing”. You can put ice cubes in a zip lock bag or a cold compress bag and apply it to the affected area at 20-second intervals. You can actually do this as often as you like. The intermittent application of low temperature will help your pores contract and lessen the redness and scarring.

So there you have it: simple, home-made and effective cures for acne scars! So the next time you have pimple breakouts, you need not worry about too much scarring in your face. All you need to do is pick one of these remedies and you’re good to go!

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