Is Popping Pimples Really That Bad?

Are you a pimple popper? If so, you might sometimes think of the bad consequences of popping pimples. You might have seen and know someone with a scarred face due to popping pimples. Or it might even run in your family (your sisters and brothers have minor or major face scarring…) and you get scared that it is genetic and assume that it would happen to you too. There is also the fact that most people agree and think that doing so is bad. So the question really is, is popping pimples really that bad?

Eating fat is not bad. Eating excessive fat is bad. Earning money is not bad. Earning money by illegal means is bad. Crossing a road junction when traffic light is green is not bad. Crossing a road junction when the traffic light is red is bad. The point is doing something in excess, doing something improperly and doing something at the wrong time is definitely bad. The same can be said with popping our pimples. Though many say it is bad, the majority of those are also uninformed! Many just say them because that is what they have heard from other people.

In actuality, popping pimples is not entirely bad. Doing so properly and at the right time will rid you of your unwanted pimples. However, doing so without the proper knowledge of timing and technique can lead to disastrous results. So now you might ask, what is the proper way of popping pimples? To prove my point, here are the corrects steps in doing so:

Wash your hands and face.
Ready disinfectant alcohol, sterilized pin and a piece of clean cloth.
Damp the cloth with alcohol.
Check the color of your pimple. If it is red, then stop. Do not pop your pimple. If it is white, continue.
Using the sterilized pin, try and poke the pimple gently. If it bursts then good. Let the puss come out and wipe the area of the pimple with your piece of cloth damped with alcohol to kill the bacteria. If it does not burst, discontinue.

If you follow the instructions above, then you would be able to pop your pimple correctly and at the right time. If you are not able to pop your pimple because you failed some of the tests, try again tomorrow and see if your pimple is ‘ripe for the taking’.

So as you see from the instructions above, popping pimples is not entirely bad. What is bad is ignorance on the subject of popping pimples. If you follow the instructions above, then you are on your way to a clear and pimple-free face.

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