Get Rid of Acne With a Good Acne Treatment

Acne is embarrassing not only for teenagers but for grownups too, developing a scattering of small pimples on the face. A mild stage of acne can become cystic acne or scarring acne. When you find out those zits are not your typical pimples and they are red swollen lumps, inflamed and sometimes filled with pus you can easily change your attitude and your mood. If you suffer from acne, this will impact your social life, too.

You have to do something about your skin condition and you must remove in one way or other those red and inflamed blemishes. Blemishes are a couple of centimeters in diameter with a white head and occur on your face, chick, neck or sometimes even your chest, back, shoulders or upper arms.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs because of the hormonal imbalances that take place in your body, usually in teenage hood. Acne can also appear in adulthood, due to the fact that your body tries to tell you that something is wrong and that you have some imbalances. Acne is a signal for you to do something to destroy the cause of those imbalances. Acne must be treated from two directions, first you try to find the cause and fix it and secondly you must try to extinguish the effects.

Finding a treatment for acne is a hard road to cross. Finding solutions to cure acne is a very tough thing to do and not easy to acquire. Seeing a doctor and trying a series of treatments is the first step to do. The dermatologist can surely tell you what type of acne you suffer from (mild acne, moderate acne or severe acne) and the type of skin that you have. Skin type is very important in an acne treatment. By knowing your skin type (dry, fatty, oily), the doctor can surely tell you the exact treatment that you must take to extinguish your acne. You must also know if you are allergic to some of the ingredients of a treatment. The doctor is entitled to tell you this information about yourself by following a program of blood, skin and saliva tests. It is possible that you may try more treatments: over the counter, natural and prescribed, until you find the right treatment for you.

Sometimes you may notice an improvement for a short time and then pimples can appear again. Then you must find out what you do wrong. You must be assisted by a dermatologist in your research for good acne treatments, and it is possible for you to try more acne treatments before your skin eventually improve.

Pimples are treated depending on their severity. Tea-tree oil can make a small difference but it is not as effective as other treatments, so you must combine more acne treatments for acquiring a best result.

There are numerous ways to heal pimples; if they are moderate you can take skin antiseptics or internal treatments like antibiotics. Mild acne can sometimes be cured only with topical treatments, creams, solutions, emollients and cleansers. You also must try some natural home made treatments if you suffer for mild to moderate acne.

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