Yeast Infection Better Treated With Homemade Remedies Or Visiting A Doctor? – How To Get Rid Of Yeas

How do you get rid of yeast infection? I kind of wonder – do you really have to go to the doctors and they give you medicine for it? Do the doctors do a test to find out what caused it? Is there any way you can make your own home made medicine to get rid of it? Or what if painkillers got rid of it or really strong hospital antibiotics?

This is usually what is in the mind of many yeast infection suffers. Should they really go see a doctor, or just try treating this infection at home? So is yeast infection better treated with homemade remedies or visiting a doctor? In this short article I will give some few ways you can use to cure this infection and stop it from coming back. I will also provide links to some useful websites which have proven over the yeast to have the best and most effective yeast infection and Candida Fungus natural cures.

If you are sure you have a yeast infection (while, thick , clumpy, ”cottage cheesy’ type discharge) intense itching and burning, then you can always get over the counter medications creams that you insert or suppositories – Monistat is one, there are also generic brands, that are cheaper. You can get these at any supermarket or pharmacy and you do NOT need a prescription since they are over-the-counter.

However, dont make the mistake! Are you really sure you have a yeast infection? A lot of women think they have a yeast infection but they actually have a bacterial infection which needs a doctors evaluation and a prescription medication. If this is your first vaginal infection, it is better to see a gynecologist to be sure you are treating the infection with the right medication.

Vaginitis is diagnosed by your doctor by taking a swab or scraping from the infected area, applying a drop of KOH (potassium hydroxide) and viewing it under the microscope. The KOH dissolves the skin cells but leaves the yeast cells intact.

You do need to make sure that it is a yeast infection before you treat it yourself. However as for the cause of yeast infections, the number one cause is too much sugar in your body and an imbalance of the good vs. bad bacteria in your body. Eat yogurt (preferably with not too much sugar), reduce your sugar intake, increase your water, and take a pro-biotic (you can get it from the health food store). That should help the cause of a yeast infection.

Some people advice not to take antibiotics they say this is a main yeast infection cause! Doctors prescribe medicines that may actually feed and breed the yeast. Dont know how true that is, but I do know that natural home remedies for yeast infection are very effective and can permanently cure this infection. There is a protocol that my sister did that cleared hers up almost immediately – no doctor, no medications, and no creams!

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