How Picking An Inappropriate Pimple Wash Can Destroy The Skin

“So what happened to my facial skin?” she asked me…my patient looked fearful.

She had the most important occupation interview of her life in a week and her facial area appeared like complexion were hibernating on it for the winter!

“What acne wash have you been using?” I asked…

“I just selected one randomly off the shelf, started using the product and the next thing I know, my facial area is red-looking and stuffed with pimples” she said…..

Thankfully I was able to get my patient back on track and her face was 90% clear before that really important employment interview of hers.

Step one in choosing the right pimples wash is to diagnose your skin type. There are various factors that control our skin like hereditary background, age and environment.

Your skin may be oily or dry, normal or dehydrated, or a combination of these factors.

You never need your skin be deficient in hydration or oil. This will trigger the function of the skin to be impaired which might result in irritation and more zits problems. A very good stability of hydration as well as the addition of oil products is best for skin health.

Once you have founded your skin type, then it’s time to identify what kind of zits you’re suffering with. Do you have painful red bumps that linger underneath the pores and skin? Do you have whiteheads and blackheads that seem to come and go? Do you have a combination of those zits problems?

It’s essential to choose an zits wash that can clean your skin with out over drying or stripping your pores and skin of its valuable oils.

If you have hydrated oily skin, apply an acne wash that contains higher concentrations of active ingredients such as tea tree oil and salicylic acid. Most are materials that clean the skin, help take away unwanted build up, and help heal zits lesions.

In case you have dehydrated oily pores and skin, apply an acne rinse with slightly less concentrations of tea tree oil and salicylic acid. Again these active materials will clear the skin, take away unwanted build up, and heal zits lesions, but most significantly, will not over dry the pores and skin in low concentrations. Application of lite moisturizer would additionally be beneficial for this pores and skin type.

If you have dry pores and skin, almost all acne washes will probably be too strong, so balance is vital. It is best to use a gentle handmade soap free cleanser or zits wash that can clear your skin leaving it refreshed and hydrated. Acne drugs can be applied below a light moisturizer. This mixture may be very effective towards pimples and will help balance the issues between dry skin as well as active pimples.

It will be important to additionally remember when cleaning your pores and skin, more is not all the time better. Never wash your face with cleanser more than 2 times each day and always select an zits wash that is appropriate to your pores and skin type.

If you’re not sure about what your skin type is ask a skin care professional. You will find resources available so don’t be worried to ask

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