How to Deal With Blind Pimples – Stop Blind Pimples Quickly and Easily

Have you ever experienced a painful bump in your skin that does not seem to show much redness and pus formation compared to an ordinary pimple? Have you tried ignoring it only to find the pain growing worse by the day? Then girls (and boys), you have on your hands a blind pimple. Blind pimples are different from your ordinary pimple because they have no head. This makes them especially hard to remove. But read on and get simple and easy tips on how to reduce the pain caused by these blind pimples and how to avoid them for good!

First off, since blind pimples do not have a head, it is impossible to know if they have reached maturity- which is usually the ideal time to prick the pus out from the skin. Without the head, you wouldn’t know what area to prick. Merely pricking the painful area may solve nothing but break the skin surface and introduce more germs and infection into the area. So this leaves pricking out of the picture.

The easiest remedy for removing a blind pimple is to apply toothpaste on the red and painful area. This may sound a bit unusual but toothpaste actually has certain chemical ingredients that help reduce the redness and the pain caused by the pimple itself.

But if you want to stop blind pimples from erupting for good, then the best remedy is simply to maintain a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Keep away from acidic foods. Naturally, what you eat will show in your overall appearance. Hence, a healthy diet produces a healthy acne-free skin. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Water is very essential in helping your body wash out harmful toxins and chemicals and preventing acne.

Aside from these tips, you can also opt for anti-pimple creams that you can easily find in your local pharmacy. Benzoyl Peroxide cream in particular works as an anti-microbial agent that kills pimple-causing bacteria in the skin. There are also many good home remedies that can be found by a search on the internet. Just be certain that the acne remedy comes from a reputable source.

May your blind pimples be a thing of the past.

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