Scuba Masks and Skirt Colors

As you become a more active scuba diver you’ll find that there are many small nuances when it comes to your scuba gear. This is part of the fun and enjoyment of the hobby. If you are a beginner one of the things you probably haven’t considered is the color of the skirt on your scuba mask.

The color of your mask skirt is actually a matter of function rather than style. Depending on the type of diver you are as well as where you dive, you’ll want to choose very different dive masks. In fact some divers keep multiple masks with different skirt colors. This way they are always prepared to enjoy any type of dive.

The first skirt color and like to examine today is the black silicon skirt. The black silicone skirt is a favorite among photographers and hunters due to the fact that they are able to block out unwanted light. For underwater photographers this is very important. This is because the light can cause reflections on the inside of the lens. Black silicone skirts are also good because they shade your eyes, and some tropical locations the sun is so bright that when it bounces off the sand you can get injured in a way similar to snow blindness.

Now let’s look at the clear silicone skirt. Many people like these masks because they give the diver of very open and airy feeling. In fact if the skirt is transparent and will actually extend the diverse field of view. In cooler climates were too much light is not a problem clear silicone actually allows more light into the mask. If you sometimes feel claustrophobic a clear silicone mask can help alleviate those symptoms.

It is clear that both types of masks have the benefits and are used for different purposes but the bottom line is this: Black skirts in a water, clear skirts in dark water. Keep this in mind when buying your next mask and you’ll own one that will keep you happy for years to come!

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