How to Treat Cystic Pimples

Have you ever gotten a huge, painful pimple that is a lot worse than your normal acne? That pimple was probably a cystic pimple, the worst type of acne possible. You will need to know how to both treat these types of pimples, and how to prevent them in the first place if you want your face to be as clear as possible.

How to treat cystic pimples:

1. Do not pop the pimple! I repeat, do not pop the pimple! Do anything else to the pimple, just please do not pop it! It is generally a bad idea to pop pimples in the first place, but this mistake is magnified when dealing with these types of pimples. They are much more likely to leave a scar after being popped, they are much more likely to get infected after being popped, and it is not healthy for your skin in the first place. If you absolutely must pop the pimple, make sure you do so carefully and safely.

2. Apply whatever gel or cream that has been known to best treat normal pimples to your cystic pimple in liberal amounts. Sulfur treatment, natural treatment, homemade treatment, a certain brand that you find to be most effective… It does not make much of a difference really, as long as you know that this treatment does work for you.

How to prevent cystic pimples: Live a healthy lifestyle! This includes eating a well balanced, low fat diet as well as cleaning your face and body well several times a day. Eating a diet that is high in fat has been known to cause cystic pimples to pop up, and it has been known to make these pimples worse. Cleaning your face is obviously always a good a idea to prevent pimples of any kind from popping up. Another way of preventing cystic pimples is to drink lots of water.

Cystic pimples

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