Pimple Popping – Differentiating Truths and Myths

Pimple popping is a familiar, painful experience to many. More than 90% of the entire population has suffered from skin pimples at one stage. These skin pimples can range from a benign and small, to a painful scar-leaving and inflamed-looking red hot pimple. Not surprisingly, many people resort to various pimple treatments. In order to help those who have been desperately pimple poppingbut to no avail, I would like to outline a few truths and myths about pimples and pimple popping:


Being overweight or obese could result in pimples popping up. Research has shown that high levels of insulin, as found in obese patients, can result in high androgen levels. High androgen levels may result in a bad case of pimples.
Antibiotics can help. Because pimples contain bacteria, antibiotics do help in reducing the pimple load. 
Sweating may cause pimples. It is best to keep clean facial tissue available to wipe the sweat off your face.
Stress may exacerbate pimples. That explains why many people develop pimples during exam periods or work projects.
Pimple popping using chemicals such as Oxy5 is an effective method for most people. Antibiotics may not be needed if Oxy5 works for you.


Fatty foods do not cause pimples to pop up. No direct link has been found between diet and pimples after years of research. At best, diet plays only a minor role in causing pimples. So, you can safely eat chocolates, fatty foods or dairy products that you crave. However, overeating may result in you putting on weight which can indirectly cause pimples as outlined above.
Sexual activities cannot help prevent acne. Unfortunately, numerous studies have found that sexual activity does not prevent even a single pimple from popping up. If any, pimples can cause sexual dissatisfaction instead.
Pimples are not infectious. The bacteria dwelling deep inside pimples cannot infect others even during pimple popping.
Scrubbing and repeated cleaning does not help. Pimples are deep seated, blocked pores that are beyond the reach of conventional cleaning methods. On the other hand, repeated scrubbing may worsen your pimples due to the skin trauma caused.
Having long, greasy hair does not cause pimples. However, repeated combing may traumatize your skin and result in pimples.
Pimple popping by using sterile needles is not the best way to treat pimples. Although it is an age-old method, it has been known to cause scars. It may be best to leave the pimples to heal by itself.

Having said all this, I hope that you will be better able to care for your own skin. Do share about the truths and myths about pimples and pimple popping to others so that they will benefit as well.

Bruce Lim is a medical student with special interests in internal medicine and cardiology, whose passions include helping people, internet marketing and reading on health topics such as pimple popping.

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