Acne – Will Sweat Clear Up Acne?

Contrary to popular belief, sweat will not clear acne and can actually make it worse. To understand this you should know a bit about acne and how it affects your skin. Acne is caused by excess bacteria and oil on the skin that works its way into the pores and causes mini-infections. Sweat is part of our body’s detoxifying system and the sweat that comes from out glands is often filled with toxins escaping our body. Therefore, sweat can often make acne worse if you don’t keep your skin clean and protected.

When you are looking for a way to clear your skin you need to take the time to use a good cleanser and if you sweat excessively, during the summer or sports activities, wash your face more than once a day. Try morning, after the activity and night before bed. This can help minimize the bacteria on your face and keep new acne from breaking out. One great natural solution for this is a paste made of Rosewater and lime juice. This is a refreshing and cleansing boost to your skin and can be made with a couple of simple ingredients and kept in your refrigerator for weeks.

Always take the time to spot treat when you have break outs to avoid making them worse with additional bacteria. One quick fix is paste toothpaste (not gel) for five to ten minutes and then wash it off. This is a quick, accessible and inexpensive way to treat pimples and protect them from bacteria throughout the day.

You should also be using a mask once a week, but twice a week would be better when dealing with the affects of sweating. It could be an over-the-counter mask or it can be as simple as a homemade oatmeal mask, which is great not only for acne but for intensely dry skin. This can also protect your skin from breaking out more due to sweat and the hot summer sun.

Acne is a terrible thing to deal with, but knowing the truth about how your body, including sweat, affects your skin can make all the difference. With the facts in hand and some great tricks for cleaner, healthier skin you will be on your way to an acne free look you can feel confident about.

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