Skin Care For Acne

Acne or pimples, as some people call them, is a very common problem amongst the youngsters. With the help of acne skin care products you can clear the acne on your face as well as prevent them from coming back.

Here are some things, that people whose skin is prone to acne, should stay away from:

Products which contain scrubbing particles should not be used on an acne prone skin. These particles irritate the skin and make the acne worse.
Avoid hair care that contains oil that can clog the skin pores and cause acne.
Many people try to pop the pimple to get rid of it. Doing this could irritate the skin and worsen the acne. Moreover, popping the pimple could leave a scar even after the acne has healed.
Skin care products that contain oil should be avoided. Due to the excess of oil the pimples come out. More oil will clog the pores and worsen the acne.
Some people rub alcohol on the acne affected area to dry out the oil in the pimples. This does not help to clear the acne; instead it irritates the skin and results in more pimple break outs.
Tanning damages the skin. Use sunscreen lotions when you go out.
Throughout the day your hand touches all sorts of things, touching your face very often can increase the acne problem or even cause pimple break outs.

Here are some anti aging tips for acne skin care:

Wash: You should wash your skin twice a day, after exercising, with lukewarm water and a wild soap. Do not scrub the soap on your face to remove the acne. Gently massage the soap with the help of your fingertips in circular motion. Over washing and scrubbing will cause irritation in the skin. After washing, apply a moisturizing lotion which contains benzoyl peroxide. This will wash off the oil and bacteria which are causing the acne.
Popping: Whatever you do, don’t try to pop the pimples to get rid of them. Popping the pimples might push the infected pus further into the skin and thus causing more swelling. There are chances of the pimples leaving a scar even after they are healed, if popped.
Touching: Your fingers collect all sorts of dirt and sebum. Touching your face can infect the uninfected areas as well and cause the skin pores to inflate and get irritated. Wash your hands before you touch your face or apply any skin care products or makeup.
Glasses: Another acne skin care tip is to clean your sun glasses frequently. This avoids the oil from clogging the skin pores situated around your eyes and nose.
Clothes: Avoid tight clothes in case you have pimples on your body. Tight clothes don’t allow the skin to breathe and thus may cause irritation around the infected area.

Men also face acne problem. Here are some acne care tips for men to follow:

Wet your face with lukewarm water before you shave. This prevents irritation in the skin after shaving.
Always check if your blade is sharp or not before you shave. This prevents cuts from the razor which could irritate the skin and lead to pimples.
Do not press the razors too hard on your skin. Shave lightly; this avoids the cuts in the acne lesions which could make the acne worse.
Some men try to shave off the acne. This should not be done, as it is the same as popping the pimple and could lead to infecting other areas as well.

I have good knowledge of anti aging skin care tips and it’s related products. Also I have good knowledge of skin treatment with different types of skin diseases as I am working from the last ten years in the same field.

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