Acne Scars Laser Treatment

Acne is a skin disorder which is common among the age group of 18-25. This skin disease is usually associated with a lot of pimples, scars and huge open pores. There are several treatments for acne scars. The most recent latest treatment is the laser treatment for acne scars.

For years most dermatologists recommended dermabrasion or chemical peels to remove acne scars. For some people these treatments worked very well, for some they didn’t. Laser acne treatment is a recent invention and it produces very good results. Modern laser scar removal methods promote the growth of collagen under scars. So the scar is filled from the inside. The effect is long lasting and usually don’t cause any complications.

With the chronic acne cases aside, people need to understand that the majority of acne cases are simply caused by a poor diet, stress, and lack of exercise. When you eat processed food, junk food, fast food, etc. your body becomes full of harmful toxins (from the chemical ingredients in the food). Those toxins are slowly released through your skin.

Laser treatment for acne has become an increasingly popular method that people use to get rid of acne and its scars. While it may not be the ideal solution for everybody, the majority of people who have used it have reported excellent results. For people willing to allow scientific and technological advancements to improve their condition, this type of treatment is for you!

In a world that is surrounded by various impediments and obstacles to self esteem and confidence, it is important to have a look that packages both esteem and confidence. Skin infections and blemishes, known as acne vulgaris are a huge let down in this perspective and will require treatment ranging from mild options to severe treatments like the laser treatment for acne.

Two versions of laser acne treatment are available for people suffering from this condition. One version is the pulsed dye laser and the other is called infrared acne laser or diode acne laser. The pulsed dye laser is often used on people with less severe acne while the diode laser treatment is used on people suffering from a more severe acne infestation.

Acne laser treatment employs the same laser resurfacing technology that has been used for some time now to treat stretch marks, wrinkles and other common blemishes. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a handheld laser to remove the damaged and scarred skin tissue so that it can then be replaced by fresh tissue.

usually combined with heat energy, this treatment works to both discourage oil production in the sebaceous glands as well as kill the P. acnes bacteria. It has been approved to treat mild to moderate acne and the only side effect is temporary redness in the skin area where treatment was applied.

Laser treatment for acne has a proven effect against other ways of home-based, natural, tea based and medicated anti acne drugs. Although you have to pay more money for the laser treatment methods compared to the other forms of acne treatments, the good news is that the success in dealing with acne is almost 100% guaranteed.

Another method that destroys P. acnes is therapy using pulsed light and heat energy. Additionally, it shrinks the sebaceous glands as well which makes them produce less skin oil. Diode laser therapy on the other hand does the same thing without destroying the upper layers of the skin.

Acne laser treatment employs the same laser resurfacing technology that has been used for some time now to treat stretch marks.

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