Heal Acne Naturally – Simple Ways to Cure Acne in Three Days

Having a clear and clean face is every body’s dream. Today, performance is so important for us. It would lead us to the wider opportunities in our lives. Unfortunately, too much pollution and unhealthy food can be the factors which cause acne on your face. You might have been frustrated by the acne come up on your face and have tried lots of ways to get rid of it but you’re failed.

Here, there are things to do to cure acne naturally. You’d better check this out since there are many under utilized ways to get rid of pimple. This is three days curing acne program. You only take three days to get your face clean and clear. First step is using the baking soda. Its advantages are to exfoliate your pore and remove the dead skin. It is simply used, just simply take a rag and a small amount of baking soda. Then gently rub in on your skin and wash your face and wipe it with the towel till dry. Secondly is using egg white. It can heal your skin. You can use it as the masker at night. Egg white contains a large amount of protein. It will help you to absorb the oil from your skin. Then if you have put it on your face for about fifteen minute then you can wash your face. Thirdly is using the tea tree oil which basically will remove all the bacteria from you face. The next is you can use the cooked oat meal to heal your face. It will remove the unwanted oil off you face. Put the cooked oat meal as it were a mask.

The last but not least is Aloe Vera. Use the aloe Vera to clean your face. Just rub the aloe Vera onto your skin and let them penetrate into your pore. It will remove all the bacteria and clean the acne spots and scars. You can now try out this fast way of removing acne off you face.

When you do this treatment, please avoid stress, junk food, smoke, any kind of fried food, and caffeine. Have a good habit like eat an apple a day, eight hours of sleep time a day, drink enough water (one until two liters a day), so the clean and clear face will be yours as soon as possible.

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