Acne Scars Cure – Is it Really Possible to Cure Acne Scarring?

Often, those who want significant reduction in the appearance of acne scars (or an acne scars cure altogether) will not be pleased with simple home treatments. For these folks, it is important to get the highest level of improvement, instead of simply reducing the appearance of their scars by a small margin. That’s why it may be advisable to use more advanced procedures to really stick it to those acne scars. These are a few of the treatment methods that can help you leave your scars behind for good.

Surgical Methods

Punch excision is a surgical method that is seen by many as an acne scars cure. This is a type of treatment that works well with deep, severe scars such as ice pick or boxcar scars. The treatment itself utilizes a punch tool that excises the cars. Then, the edges of the surrounding skin area are sutured. A new mark will result, but this one will heal up and leave you with clear, scar-free skin. The procedure itself is pretty minor, although a local anesthetic will be used for the patient’s comfort.

A different way to finish off punch excision treatment is to use a skin graft replacement. With a skin graft replacement, skin is taken from a different area and grafted in to remove the “dent” that is left after the punch excision. This is usually a bit better of a method, although it may result in the “filled in” areas looking slightly different from the rest of your face. This will only be the case for a month or so, however. Then, resurfacing treatments will have helped the skin to blend in correctly.

Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

For those with acne scars that are not as deep, dermabrasion is a popular way to treat nagging blemishes caused by the acne scars. A high-speed brush is used to carefully remove some of the skin on the surface of your face, which will help to either reduce the appearance of your scars or even to remove them completely. A microdermabrasion is similar, but uses a vacuum tube to pass aluminum oxide crystals to take care of the procedure. If you have darker skin, you may not want to use these methods, as a follow-up procedure will be required because of possible changes to your pigmentation as a result.

The possibility of an acne scars cure is a very good one, with these treatment methods and others that are available. The only way to really move forward with your plan is to get together to talk with your dermatologist, who can help you find the next step to curing those acne scars for good.

There’s no reason you should sit there and be embarrassed about your acne scars any longer when you can opt for an acne scars cure to zap those scars once and for all and take back your beautiful, clear skin. And for more tips, advice and reviews of products to get rid of your acne scars fast, visit: and be sure to download your FREE copy of my “Ultimate Acne Scar Guide.

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