Cure Pimples – Get Rid of Pimples Fast

The use of over-the-counter products, with just a cursory look at the packaging, is the first choice of many people who are anxious to get rid of pimples fast .

There are literally hundreds of such products including soaps, facial cleaners, ointments, and cleansing pads. The choice is confusing because there is no such thing as one product that will work well for everyone and people react differently to different products – both in the degree of success they enjoy, and the possibility of side effects. Furthermore, obtaining relatively quick relief from the worst of the symptoms might occur, without an improvement in the underlying cause.

The products include “pharmaceutical” and “natural” active ingredients.

Sulphur, is commonly present in over the counter products, and has been in use for longer than most other ingredients. It works by drying the skin and the natural oils in the skin in which bacteria is found. The skin then “peels” and in doing so gets rid of the bacteria. However there is a chance of an unwanted reaction with the use of sulphur.

One of the most popular ingredients of over-the-counter “pharmaceutical” medications is Benzoyl Peroxide. It is normally safe to use it over a longer period and is effective for less severe forms of acne. However it is important to closely monitor the use of all such treatments in case of unwanted side effects.

“Natural” remedies, which include the use of natural herbs are also very common and there are a huge number of them. However they enjoy varying degrees of success and because they are not closely regulated as prescribed drugs, it is not as easy to verify the success claims made for them. A positive point is that possible side effects are less of a problem.

Prescribed medication often includes the use of antibiotics. This may cure the symptoms, and eliminate the bacteria, but not treat the underlying susceptibility to the bacterial infection. The use of antibiotics has another significant drawback. The antibiotics would be used for conditions other than skin pimples, and their use can become less effective with frequent or incomplete use. This can mitigate against best treatment for other conditions when they would be the medication of first choice. For this reason antibiotics should be used only when other treatments have failed or the condition is more severe.

To summarise, people often want to get rid of pimples fast – and are impatient to do so. It is certainly possible to do so. However the best way to cure pimples permanently is to learn about the condition so that you can fully understand the choices available to you. With that information you can do so much more than simply read the product packaging – and can expect a much more positive experience.

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