Acne Treatment Reviews – Top Acne Prevention Products and Treatments to Eliminate Your Blackheads

Even if you suffer from acne, looking for a reliable source of acne treatment reviews doesn’t have to be a difficult or frustrating task. A simple search on the Internet will reveal many websites built around providing reviews of acne products and treatments. Although many of these sites will have different zit fighting products as their top choice, the truth is most of the good pimple treatment products work the same across the board.

This shouldn’t be surprising or even alarming news because nearly all of the products use a combination of natural ingredients and effective anti-acne ingredients such as Retextra, Salicylic Acid and the popular Proactiv.

A top acne prevention product or treatment will not only eliminate your blackheads, it will also provide nutrients for your skin in order to nourish and repair the actual skin cells. Perhaps the only differences lie in how long each treatment takes to start working with some providing results as quick as three days and yet others may require several months of use.

Let’s explore each of the top acne fighting ingredients a little more in depth:

Salicylic Acid

Many of the top selling products are loaded with Salicylic Acid because it works extremely fast clearing up pimples and blackheads along with improving your skin texture, fading acne scars and proving a glow to your skin without leaving an irritating smell.


Another of the more popular fast acting acne prevention products is called Retextra, a natural based product with little to no side effects when cleansing the body of the impurities that normally contribute to the formation of acne symptoms. This treatment is a herbal based formula which works at regulating your hormones and has been reported to clear acne up within 24 hours. The benefits to using this method include the avoidance of increased redness, drying of the skin and inflammation that you would normally experience with products that contain benzoyl peroxide.


Perhaps the most popular ingredient found to be very effective and the treatment of acne related conditions is Proactiv. This product goes to work eliminating your acne by rapidly dissolving blackheads and whiteheads while at the same time cleansing your skin of its dead cells and reducing the oiliness levels. By killing the bacteria known to cause acne and repairing your damaged skin Proactiv has built a reputation for itself as an effective zit and pimple eliminator.

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