3 Awesome Homemade Acne Treatments That Are Guaranteed to Help Control Your Acne Quickly and Easily

If you’re desperately looking for homemade acne treatments to treat your blemishes as quickly as possible, then this will be one of the most important and useful articles you’ll read today.

Here’s why:

You’re about to discover 3 awesome natural remedies that’ll help temporarily control your pimples and blackheads, thereby providing you with some welcome relief from the constant blotchiness and redness that’s often associated with this frustrating skin infection.

So without further ado…let’s dive right in!

Remedy #1

Cold Milk + Nutmeg/Margosa 

An even mixture of cold milk and nutmeg is yet another popular acne treatment that’s useful for reducing severe acne breakouts.

Margosa is another good remedy that you can try out. 

Combine Margosa juice together with crushed cumin seeds and some water. Thereafter, gently apply the mixture on all acne affected areas.

Repeat this procedure twice a week, until you see visible results. 

Remedy #2


Here’s a great natural remedy you can whip up in a jiffy.

Blend slices of raw cucumber into a smooth mixture, and then gently apply the mixture on your face. Leave on for around 30 mins. before rinsing off.

Repeat this treatment 2 times a week, until you see visible results. 

Raw slices of potato has also been known to be a great, short-term cure for healing your acne. Finely cut raw slices of potatoes. Slice up a potato into fine strips and place them directly over your pimples. Keep on for around half an hour, before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Note: As potatoes contain high concentrations of potassium, chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus, it is also a very good facial cleanser.

Remedy #3

Coriander Juice + Turmeric

Combine a tsp. of coriander/mint juice combined with a pinch of turmeric powder. The paste should be applied on all affected areas, just before retiring to bed.

Persist with treatment twice a week, until you see a visible improvement in your skin.

Well, there you have it – 3 amazingly simple, homemade acne treatments that’ll greatly help reduce the severity of your pimple breakouts. However, as I mentioned before, the above remedies will not completely get rid of your acne, as they only temporarily treat the symptoms of this condition.

In order to permanently banish your acne, you’re going to need to follow a complete, all-natural system that eliminates the ROOT cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.

Acne No More is one such program that uses a highly effective and systematic formula to safely and naturally heal your acne for GOOD – in just 60 days. In fact, you can start seeing genuine results in as little as 7 days.

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