Facial Acne Scar Treatments – Effective Face Scar Removal Methods

Scars left by pimples are not simply physical problems. According to studies, people with severe acne scars usually suffer from social withdrawal and depression. There are several facial acne scar treatments that can help restore facial beauty, and avoid these negative psychological features.

Basically, there are natural and medical methods for removing acne scars. The type of treatment and corresponding effectiveness depends on the type of acne scars.

Laser resurfacing is one of the popular facial acne scar treatments. It works by removing or peeling the dead skin so that new skin may grow. This is applicable to both atrophic and hypertrophic scars. This operation can be painful and it may cause redness and uneven skin tone for several weeks.

Dermabrasion is usually applied on hypertrophic (lump looking) scars. Dermatologists use a spinning wheel with fine abrasives. On the other hand, chemical peeling agents can be used to exfoliate the acne scars with acidic solutions.

Another method is collagen injection. This treatment is being improved more, since it is identified as a very effective and long term solution. Collagen is injected beneath the scar so that it will reach the same level as undamaged skin. This works best for “ice pick” and “boxcar” scars.

A similar method is the autologus fat transfer. This works by transferring fats from healthy skin layers—from other parts of the body. The fat will be used as filler to level the craters of the scar, making them less prominent.

Before undergoing any of these facial acne scar treatments, it is, of course, best to research about possible side effects. Choose a licensed and experienced doctor too.

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